Help! I’m trapped in a code factory.

Does anybody out there love to design and code software?  I do!  I have been blogging for some time about it on my other blog for the Windows Dev center and Windows Developer content but, it feels like I have not had the freedom to just post about all of my personal coding projects there.  As such, I have decided to create this (separate) blog for the sole purpose of sharing my love for software engineering and just maybe to save some simple recipes for coding that I use.  I’ll be primarily focused on Windows programming (considering, Steve Ballmer signs my paychecks and all) but will from time to time take a “look to the periphery” at cool programming tools that I have played with along the way.

To start with, how about  a few examples of blog posts, software, and videos that I have created in the past:


Blog posts on programming:

Code Samples:

Random Dev Rants:

Short How-tos:

There’s a ton I’m missing but I’ll be posting stuff like this to this blog. I want to separate the hacking stuff that I work on from the day-to-day developer center announcements and the “behind the scenes” style posts about publishing developer content on MSDN.