PSA: Attachments for Google+ Activities have changed

Earlier this week, we talked about some upcoming changes to the Activities API in the Google+ office hours.  You can see our short demo here:

If you want to see a demo / example of the changes, I put together this demo showing rendering with the old and new response formats. My intent for the demo was to show an example of rendering attachments in the previous format alongside rendering of the attachments in the updated format.

  • To see an example of rendering the previous payload, click the Render Previous button.
  • To see an example of rendering the updated payload, click the Render Updated button.
  • To see what happens when you use the old rendering style with the new activity/attachment format, copy the content from the “updated response payload” textarea to the “previous response payload” textarea and click Render Previous.

As a quick review, the following updates were made:

  • Albums now contain an album attachment with images in the Thumbnails member as opposed to having attachments alongside a photo-album attachment
  • Articles now nest an “image” object to the article attachment as opposed to having two attachments, an article and a photo

Feel free to comment with any questions!