Quick Post: Setting up an OBi100+ Google Voice to ring a physical phone


It’s surprisingly easy to set up Google voice with a physical phone line now that the OBI100 has been released with some tools for doing this.

Step 1:

Get an OBi100 VoIP Telephone Adapter and Voice Service Bridge

Step 2:

Plug the OBI into a working internet connection and into a phone line (connected to a phone)

Step 3:

Pick up the phone, dial ***, when the OBI picks up, press 1

Write down the IP address that it gives you back

Step 4:

Using the IP address from step 3, open up the OBI’s web interface. Login / password are Admin. You will need the information from the admin interface to register for the next step.

Step 5:

Sign up on the OBIHAI talk site. After you have signed up, register your device.  After registering, you can configure the phone with Google voice and can rock out with sweet old timey phone action.


Note If you haven’t set Google voice to forward calls to Google chat from the voice settings menu, your phone will not ring. I suppose, you could use this as a “benefit” but I personally got a little tricked by this. If you’re not getting calls, check your Google voice settings.