Life at Google

You may have noticed… my blog went silent there for a while.  After almost 7 years at Microsoft, I have left for Google. I have been itching for something new and Google seemed like a welcome change.  The benefits were about the same and I love, love, love the employee perks here.  My new role is Developer Advocate, and I will be doing many of the same activities that I had been doing before, except I will now be doing these activities for a different product … at a different company … in a new location that is closer to my family.

Mountain View is amazing.  The weather here is perfect every day.  It’s so gorgeous here that were the windows not appropriately tinted, I would be longingly gazing outside all day.  I now am living in San Francisco where there is tons and tons for me to explore and am finishing up my move to a new permanent location.  Although it will probably be a little while until I will be all ramped up to my job and will be ready to really explore, I just get the feeling that I am going to love it here.

I will be working on Google+ and am currently getting my feet wet with the various features and awesomeness that can be done with it, so don’t be surprised when I start rocking out blog posts with loads of examples focused to +.

Speaking of, I recently added some + buttons to this WordPress site, although there’s probably a plugin for it, I will give some insight into how I hacked together my solution because it could prove useful in other content systems or if you have a CMS other than WordPress that doesn’t yet have a + button plugin.