Remote mounting SSH filesystems from Windows 8

There are a number of great reasons to mount SSH filesystems from Windows, and there is a great library and utility, Dokan SSH Filesystem, that makes it really easy to do.

First, you need to download the Dokan library. This is an installer, you must enable compatbility mode in order for it to run. Right click on the application and go to properties.  You will then need to configure your settings to be as the following:

When you run the installer, it will install the library and you will be ready to install the utility.

Now you need to install the Dokan SSHFS utility. Once you have downloaded the utility, run it as you would any application and it will then let you add a remote file system. The following screenshot shows an example with mounting my shared host:

Naturally, you would need to enter your username and password if this were your host.  Now, when you click connect, the drive will be mounted and you can move files to and from it just as you would any drive.