Google+ platform launch roundup

Whew!  What a week! Google+ sign-in has been an exciting launch so far and we’re just getting started!  If you’re new to the Google+ platform launch, you can learn more from the Google+ developers blog, Introducing Google+ Sign-in : simple and secure, minus the social spam. Reflecting on the week, here are a couple highlights and things worth mentioning.


The Google+ developer relations team put together an exciting example showing web, iOS, and Android working together through Google+ sign-in.  The Java server implementation of Photohunt is ready for you to try out and is a great way to learn how to create great experiences with Google+. This demo shows App Engine integration and a comprehensive look at all of the new Google+ platform features.

Platform Insights

Google+ sign-in activity

Track the number of sign-ins into your apps.  This is really awesome for understanding how sign-in is performing for your apps.


New Android App

As you may have noticed, there is a new Settings app for Android that makes it easy for you to see which apps have access to your data and manage them.

Launch Partners

The launch partners did an awesome job delivering impressive integrations on a very short schedule. You can read the official announcements on Google+ Case Studies page.

Again, the launch partners did exceptional work getting great products out for the launch.


After a long quiet spell, I’m thrilled that Google+ is back on Google Developers Live. Check out the first show where Joanna and Jonathan introduce the new Google+ features.

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