Installing VLC in Chrome to playback all kinds of video

Just like everybody else I know, I have tons of video in random formats that I can’t seem to get to play back in my web browser.  Video LAN offers an amazing video player and its installer includes a chrome extension.  This post will cover the basics for installing VLC and testing that it works as a chrome plugin:

  1. Download VLC
  2. After the download completes, click the installer.
  3. Install VLC with all of the extensions / plugins
  4. From your Chrome web browser, browse to chrome://plugins
  5. Now, you will see an option, “VLC Web Plugin”. If this line is available, you have successfully installed the VLC player plugin for Chrome.

To test the VLC plugin, you can visit the VLC Plugins demo page.  A reader suggested that Kodi may also be helpful to get your content streaming.