MSDN Starting Page Graphic Windows Developer Center: I coordinated and managed content for this site.
Windows Touch MSDN Content Windows Touch: I was the content owner for this Windows 7 feature.
Tablet PC MSDN Content Tablet PC: I was the content owner for this Windows feature area.
Windows Media DRM Content Tablet PC: I owned content for network, server, client and portable devices DRM.
Spam Arrest Graphic Spam Arrest: I coded the backend and UI code for a major revision to the site.
YerfIt! yerf it! : I wrote this Samba-based file sharing service when I was 20.
Catalyst QuickPoll Catalyst QuickPoll: My first professional development experience.

Monday, June 1, 2010 6:00 PM Posted by Gus

Resume: Gus Class

  • Versatile engineering skills including API, web, mobile app, and client application development.
  • Speaking experience with various audiences including college students, startups, and developer groups.
  • Exceptional written & verbal communication focused to the developer audience.
  • I'm primarily experienced in C++, C#/.NET, and JavaScript programming. I have some Java, Android, and iOS experience. I have also done a little Python and Ruby development.

Download Resume: LinkedIn | WORD | PDF