Speaking at UCSB
Headshot photo taken for Microsoft recruiting.
A picture taken just before TechEd.
My final night in Seattle
A picture taken on my 28th birthday in Arizona.
Me being a giant nerd at PDC 2009.
A picture from my cousin's wedding in Colorado.

Updated Tuesday, Dec 31, 2013

About Me

My name is Gus Class and I have been passionate about computers for my entire life. My first computer was an Apple IIgs and I begged my parents to get a PC (a 386!) around the time I had turned 7 or 8 which they begrudgingly caved in on. I came online for the first time in the early 90s through the Prodigy service which led me to the BBS scene and opened doors for learning the ins and outs of computing. I taught myself how to program in my teens, took vocational classes in high school on network administration through a magnet program, and earned a bachelor's degree in Computing and Software Systems through the University of Washington in 2003. In an effort to round out my education, I earned an MBA in 2008 while working full time at Microsoft.

I am currently working as a Developer Programs Engineer for Google to help drive adoption of the identity features of Google+.

I enjoy a plethora of hobbies including rock climbing, DJing, electronic music production, recreational programming, creating web sites, playing and creating video games, building robots, and flying drones.

If you're interested in the details of all the work I have done, click the download button to grab my resume.

To learn more about what I have learned about social networks and apps, check out my presentation from Google IO 2013.

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